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Advantages Of Writing As A Profession

Many love writing because it is seen as another escape to a world many are oblivious to. It is an escape to a world where only you and your imagination have full control over everything. Many see writing as a wonderful way to express themselves because putting your feelings into words almost always has the power to make you feel at ease instantly. To many souls, writing is just more than a hobby. It is a passion. But is writing as good a profession as every other renown passion based professions? Would it bring as much money as you expect it to? Keep reading to find out!

It is a two way benefit

Writing is one of the professions on the short list of professions that has a two way benefit. Whilst writing for money, not only do you entertain other people but you improve your writing a great deal too. If done long enough, your carefully and beautifully constructed sentences and phrases will make their way gracefully into your verbal speech. You will also enjoy extensive vocabulary and have many people look at you in awe when you vocalise your thoughts. In addition to this, it improves the way you think, opening your mind to different perspectives. Therefore if you are employed, for an example, as a website content writer, then you can hone your talent and become the best website content writer or even a really good one.

Helps you recover memories

Start writing memories that you do remember and before you know it a phrase or simply a word would make you travel down memory lane and visit memories you wouldn’t have otherwise. This is a wonderful to keep track of your experiences and ponder how much you’ve learnt from those experiences. In addition to this, visiting certain happy memories from your past would bring a smile on your face and drive you to think about those whom you care about and those who care about you and eventually bring you closer to them and drive you to keep in touch with them once again.

Many jobs available

There are way more jobs for writers today than there were a decade ago. This opens doors of opportunities for all those to whom writing is as dear as food and water. Thanks to commercial and technological improvements, people nowadays hire writers online to complete tasks such as finishing essays set for homework and writing resumes needed for interviews. In the modern world, it isn’t difficult to find a cover letter writer for those struggling to write a cover letter for an interview. Furthermore, studies prove that the average salary for a writer is $ 48, 474 per year.In conclusion, writing is wonderful to have as a profession because not only does it let you bring smiles to the faces of other people, but it lets you bring a wide smile of satisfaction to your own face, because at the end of the day your happiness matters and nothing can bring you more happiness than making your passion, your job.