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Tips To Help You Style Outfits The Right Way
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Tips To Help You Style Outfits The Right Way

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Fashion has become a huge part of the society that we live in. depending on the outfits that you wear, the accessories you use to style and whatnot the way people look at you could change a lot. So especially when it comes to important occasions styling the right way is a must and here are some tips you could use to do so.

Mix prints

Prints are definitely an interesting way of style and you don’t really have to go to fashion school to understand this fact. However, the way prints are styled today has changed. Though back in the days it was almost a taboo to mix prints with prints, now if you know how to balance them well them pulling it off is a piece of cake. And so, when doing so you need to keep in mind not to mix too many loud prints. If one is going to be of a bold shade then leave the other print lighter and blending with the entire outfit.

Price is not the tag

What most people seem to forget these days is that the price tag of a piece doesn’t defy how a particular piece is viewed. In other words, just because it is expensive doesn’t mean that it is the best piece on the rack. Therefore, when you are selecting a piece don’t primarily focus on brand and price. There are pieces designed by newbie designers who have taken fashion styling courses Sydney that don’t necessarily cost too much but are of a much better design and style than some of the expensive pieces you would come across in branded stores. So think smart when you are selecting your outfits!

Don’t skip the stripes

There is a certain extra touch that comes with styling outfits with stripes and if you are staying away from this trend then you don’t know what you are missing out on. While the vertical stripes work their best in creating a slim figure on the wearer, horizontal lines also work their magic in their own way when styled right. Many simply assume that when they style horizontal stripes they are only making themselves look bigger than whatever they might be. But this is untrue. The trick is accessorizing and styling right!

Wash your jeans

Your jeans are just like any other outfit and it definitely doesn’t deserve to be on that ‘don’t need to wash’ list. Though the dirt and grime might not be openly visible, they are there. So if you are going to avoid washing it, overtime it is only going to lose its natural blue shade and turn in to something that you might not even recognize at all! So take the above tips in to account and style your outfits right!

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